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Z Technologies stands as a premier company specializing in WordPress customization and implementation. If you’re considering outsourcing your WordPress customization and implementation needs to India, Z Technologies is the perfect match for your requirements.

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About WordPress
Wordpress website Development

WordPress stands as one of the most formidable tools for blog publishing, reigning as the predominant choice for both blogging and content management systems (CMS) across the globe.

Templates play a crucial role in dynamically generating web pages, allowing control over content presentation through template editor tools and various extensions.

Numerous plugins are accessible for WordPress, either free or at nominal charges, significantly expanding its capabilities and features when integrated.

WordPress accommodates nearly all available feeds, including RDF, RSS 2.0, ATOM, and podcasts, reflecting its commitment to facilitating the sharing of information, a fundamental aspect of websites and blogs.

WordPress enables web pages to adhere to the clean URL standard, ensuring that all links and permalinks can be structured in a manner that is search engine friendly.

The Pingback and Trackback features facilitate interblog communication and data sharing, enabling connections to be established with other blogs and vice versa.

WordPress offers the ability to systematically archive your posts, allowing for organization by year, month, week, day, category, or author. This feature facilitates efficient post management and organization.

The future posting functionality enables posts to be created in real-time but scheduled for publication at a specified future date.

Preview allows you to preview your post before posting.

WordPress allows an unfinished post or article to save in draft mode for later publishing or editing.

WordPress allows visitors to search for various keywords with which they are interested. It is a prebuilt functionality and makes easier for visitors to find information.


If you’re seeking assistance with WordPress customization, such as converting PSD to WordPress templates or developing a WordPress content management system, Z Technologies in India can be your trusted partner for all your WordPress design requirements.

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Wordpress website are very cheap and affordable , price starting from 5000

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word press website are dynamic and can be changed any time and in any way

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wordpress website are 100 % Mobile responsive

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Wordpress website are extremely easy to use and any person can personally make changes with minimum knowledge

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